moving day

New House Announcement

We have been busting at the seams with excitement to share our new house announcement with you guys. It's finally official: we are homeowners!

escrow closing

The escrow process took F-O-R-E-V-E-R…but we'll share all the details on that later. This, right now, is about celebrating. And thanking the fabulous friends and family who made this new house announcement possible.

new property

We invited the whole crew over to help us move everything into the new place as quickly as possible, since we made the big new house announcement and gave our 30-day notice to our landlord a wee bit too early (we didn't expect the escrow process to drag and drag and drag indefinitely) and had to get out STAT. We actually went over our scheduled move-out day by two weeks. Woops.

nate on moving day

Getting the crew going with International Delight iced coffee

Since everyone was over bright and early on a hot day, we thought some iced coffee would help get them going. Nate and Brian love International Delight iced coffee, so I stocked up on their favorite flavors. Nate's big on mocha, whereas I love vanilla and Oma likes the taste of the original kind. It's all pre-sweetened and comes in a jug so there's no mixing or prep required. I actually make an amazing knock-off frappuccino with it (you can check out the recipe over on the International Delight Facebook page).

moving day snacks

I even indulged in a little bit to get going, since pregnancy has me dragging lately. I usually avoid caffeine when I'm pregnant, but I'll treat myself to a single cup of coffee on special occasions. Our new house announcement definitely qualifies as a special occasion, and it was nice to bring the coffeehouse atmosphere home and gather around our new kitchen together instead of around Starbucks or The Coffee Bean. It's definitely an added bonus that with International Delight iced coffee, I don't have to go through the hassle of preparing coffee and chilling it myself ahead of time. Plus, it's made with real Arabica coffee and has more caffeine in it than most iced coffee products. Woohoooo! Um, yeah, I may be drinking a little bit right now, actually…

new house real estate agent

The Big Move

Moving day went off without a hitch. Our fantastic real estate agent even came over to celebrate with us, in spite of being laid up after recently having surgery on his achilles tendon (youch).

new house announcement

Stay Tuned

We'll be sharing a full house tour as soon as we manage to climb out from under all the boxes. First on the list of things to tackle is the nursery. Which reminds me: we have another big announcement coming shortly. Let's just say that our family's growing a little more quickly than I'd anticipated…

I wrote this review while participating in an In Home Party campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of InternationalDelight and received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.