new mom must haves Some Boy is five weeks old now, so we've had plenty of time to figure out what works and what really, really doesn't. There are a few products that have been absolute lifesavers and we'd recommend them to any new mom. These are our new mom must-haves that make parenthood a little less stressful. They calm Some Boy down when he's wound up and they help ease mom and dad's stress when our hands are full, the phone's ringing off the hook, baby's crying and it feels like life is going a million miles an hour.

Moby Wrap
Moby Wrap
Sometimes, Some Boy just wants to be held all day long. As much as I'd love the luxury of laying around holding my baby for days on end, I do need to do the occasional dish, pay bills and brush my teeth (for the sake of myself and everyone who has to breathe the same air as me). With the Moby wrap, I can strap him to me and walk around with my hands free. So he gets the soothing connection he needs, and my teeth don't rot out of my face from neglect. Win-win. Best of all, this wrap can be worn in a ton of different ways, so it grows with baby and can be altered to meet the baby's preference, whether he or she likes to sleep against your chest or face out and see the world.

Carseat Mirror
Carseat mirror
With rear-facing carseats in the back seat, it's impossible to see what the baby's doing. Is his he okay? Is his head slumped over? Is he breathing?? A carseat mirror straps to your car's rear headrests at an angle so that you can check out your baby's well-being with a quick glance in the rear-view mirror. The Safefit Day and Night mirror has a light so you can check on your baby at night, and a remote activates music to calm your little guy down if he gets fussy.

Back to Sleep Bear
Back to Sleep BearA sound box inside this soft bear features a selection of sounds such as music, white noise, mother's womb, waves and a recordable function, all of which can be set to turn on when the baby cries or when the bear is moved. We put ours next to Some Boy's bassinet and tap it after each night feeding to lull him back to sleep. Since he consistently hears it right before he falls asleep, he associates the sounds with relaxation and instantly calms when the bear turns itself on. Not having to get up to calm him down means I can get a better night's sleep!

Hands-free Breastpump Bra
Simple Wishes BreastpumpIf you plan to pump at any point, this thing is worth its weight in gold. With the hands-free breastpump bra, I can pump and check my email or soothe the baby at the same time. It's totally adjustable so you can buy one and re-size it to fit properly as you lose the baby weight or fluctuate in the months after baby's birth.


BoppyThis nursing pillow is like a third hand to help support the baby. Wrap it around your stomach and set the baby on it when you're nursing to prevent arm fatigue, or prop the baby up in it next to you so you can relax without fear of him or her rolling away. This is one of the items we've gotten the most use out of so far. I even used mine to support my tired back in the weeks leading up to the delivery!


Vibrating Swing or Rocker
Vibrating Rocker
Babies love to be bounced and rocked. It makes sense, since they've spent the last nine months bouncing around in mom's stomach. If you don't want to spend hours on end every day bouncing baby, a swing or rocker can be a huge help. Mine has a vibrating feature that quickly lulls Some Boy to sleep. Make sure to get an electric or battery-operated swing that swings itself, or you'll be stuck pushing the thing back and forth all day. Depending on which carseat you get, you may be able to hook your carseat right into a swing adapter. That way, you can take your sleeping baby from the car to the house without ever moving him from the seat, and without breaking that relaxing rhythm.

What are your favorite baby and child products? Any can't-live-without items I'm missing?