My best friend lives in New York, and my visit this summer made me really curious about the day-to-day aspects of family life in New York. What do you do about strollers in the busy streets? Where do you go for family entertainment? Where do you put all your STUFF? I grilled her and her friends on all sorts of logistics. When a business approached me asking to share some insights on the topic, I gladly accepted. The following is a sponsored guest post all about New York family life.

New York – The Ideal Family Location

Traditionally, family life is associated with living in a residential area in the suburbs, so those families that choose to live in New York City (NYC), are making a unique lifestyle choice. Most believe they are way better off as a result, for lots of good reasons. Parents are concerned to make sure their children stay healthy and safe, receive a good education and opportunities to do well in life and be happy. New York can do all that, and more.

Accommodation and quality of life
Families relocating to NYC often rent furnished accommodation while looking for a permanent home. Furniture and other personal items can be kept in Bronx storage units, while checking out potential apartments and houses in the city. Normally city accommodation is more compact than out of town residences, so a move to New York is a great opportunity to declutter.

The median asking price for family, single and condo homes is $339,000, and the median salary is $78,500, within a salary range from $35,000 to $107,000. A very decent level of family income is therefore achievable, making for a good quality of life. New York is also a very safe city. Since 1990 incidents of every type of crime have been consistently falling, year on year, right up to and including the present time.

NYC has some of the best wellness schemes anywhere, including a ‘Cut the Junk’ healthy eating campaign designed to help families enjoy nutritious meals even if on a low income. In another program, more than 1,000 salad bars featuring wholesome vegetables and fruit have been installed in public elementary schools as part of an initiative to ensure that every NYC school will have one by 2015. Defying the national trend, childhood obesity in New York is declining, thanks to the availability of healthy and delicious school meals and local exercise programs. With the aid of new water jets, children are being encouraged to enjoy cold, fresh tap water rather than sugary, carbonated drinks.

Environmental wellness
Over a number of years garden programs have been created throughout the city, including one instigated by NYC Housing Authority, that provides education in all things gardening and environmental to adults and children, and encourages youth resident gardeners. Tree planting takes place regularly, as do field trips to the city’s many parks and botanical gardens in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Education and cultural heritage
With quality schools and a diverse, multicultural population, NYC can offer its young people an unrivalled education and a wealth of opportunities to experience the Big Apple’s cultural heritage. New York has a fabulous array of live performances year-round, including theater, music and festivals. There are art galleries exhibiting work by international artists and museums showcasing priceless artifacts, shoulder to shoulder with imposing historical landmarks.

Day to day living in New York is dynamic and fun – children love the bustle of the neighborhood playgrounds, Central Park, the Children’s Museum on Staten Island and the Bronx Zoo, just down the road from Bronx Storage on Southern Boulevard. Grown-ups find plenty to keep the whole family occupied and contented.

This post is sponsored by Cubesmart Storage in Bronx. All opinions are my own.