People keep asking what big adventure we're going on next as a family, but I'm really enjoying sticking close to home for a bit while we ease our way out of that rough first trimester. The last couple weekends we've been having fun with mini road trips around California and small getaways to our local beaches and parks. Some Boy has been camping more times than I can count but he's about to have an adventure just like my favorite one when I was his age: Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm!

Camp Snoopy 30th Anniversary

Can you believe it's been 30 years since Knott's started Camp Snoopy? I can still remember my grandparents taking me for the first time…24 years ago. Yeesh. I'm getting old.


I was a big fan of the railroad stuff when I was a kid, so it's no surprise that's what Some Boy gravitates to as well. Actually, I think his Opa may have a LITTLE something to do with that. Opa's coming with us this weekend when Knott's hosts us to check out the new additions to the Grand Sierra Railroad and some of their other classic attractions.

Calico Mine Ride

Everyone's really excited about the Calico Mine Ride updates with new state-of-the-art animatronic figures and special effects. I love the history of this ride, which grew out of a partnership between Walter Knott and theme park pioneer Bud Hurlbut. Back in 1959, they planned the first-of-its-kind “dark ride” with elaborate show scenes and human figures (yes, rumor has it the guy who started that other park across town took a few pointers from this very setting).

camp snoopy water tower

I'm too pregnant for the twisting, turning tunnels of mining adventures, so I'm thinking Opa and Some Boy can go do that part while Sidekick and I go experience a little more of my childhood nostalgia over at Camp Snoopy. That pace is better-suited to the little guy, who at 18 months has still been stuck with the nickname “baby.” The other day, someone reminded me that I won't be able to call him that anymore once this other little one pops out, and I honestly just about burst into tears. My baby's getting so grown up.

Childhood just goes by so fast!

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