nivea lip care

I deal with chapped lips a lot in the winter and summer months (sensitive skin), but I am ridiculously picky about the products that I use on my lips. Most lip glosses are too sticky, and lip moisturizing products are often waxy or don't last long enough. I recently started using some Nivea lip care products, and I'm LOVING them. Of course, it figures that one of my favorite brands in skin care would be my favorite in lip care as well.

nivea lip care with lemon and olive oil

I've been using Nivea's new Kiss of Olive & Lemon Moisture Rich Lip Care, which soothes and nourishes lips with a hydrating formula enhanced with natural olive oil and lemon extract. You know I'm all about using products with natural ingredients as much as possible…the health and skin benefits of olive oil are amazing, and Nate never complains about my lips being too oily or greasy or sticky anymore.

nivea lip care with olive oil and lemon

I stash some in my purse, my makeup bag, the diaper bag, car and next to my bed. What? I don't like having to search all over the place for my Nivea lip care when I need it!