I've mentioned recently that Nate and I have gotten rid of cable in favor of streaming a few of our select TV tops online, watching on Netflix, and buying boxed sets. One of our favorite shows is Chuck. I like shows with stories that I can personally relate to, and what I really enjoy about Chuck (aside from the fact that he's a total stud) is that he's a deeply developed character and viewers really get to watch him grow as a person. He starts out a bumbling computer geek who inadvertently gets thrown full-force into a labyrinthe of top secret government missions, and he slowly turns into a suave spy who can actually hold his own. In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here: http://bit.ly/r3n2er.

As a new mom, I can relate to Chuck's “no guts, no glory” tactics and the sudden stark contrast of his day-to-day life when he faces something much bigger than himself. My own obstacles and opportunities come on a smaller scale, but it's as if I can actually see myself growing as a person when I look at my son. I used to be very concerned with what other people thought and I'd second-guess myself constantly. I'd tiptoe around conflict and let people run over me. All of that changed the second Some Boy was born. Not to be super-corny about it, but it's almost like his birth was a new birth for me as my priorities were turned completely on their head. This honest – and sometimes abrupt – person suddenly came to the surface and I'm no longer faking confidence in my decisions. When it comes to my family, I'm extremely protective and I feel strong facing situations that would normally make me uncomfortable, whether I'm telling strangers in the grocery store to keep their grubby hands off my infant or explaining to needy acquaintances that I don't have time to participate in their random neighborhood event/bake sale/pancake breakfast. I've suddenly learned the word “No” and I'm able to say it with conviction.

I may not be a spy, but I have guts. And glory? Well, let's face it: motherhood doesn't come with a whole lot of glory. That's okay by me.

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.