No Place Like Home

We're slowly getting settled into our new place…a full photo tour will come, eventually. Ideally when my underwear and stuff isn't strewn about the office like a chimpanzee had a conniption fit in here. Yes. Chimpanzee. For now, some of the rooms still look a bit like this. Not ALL of them, thanks to a concerted effort from our overwhelmingly helpful friends and family. I'd probably lose my mind without them. Moving with a teething baby is, uh, interesting. Oh, and because several people have asked us on Twitter and Facebook: we decided to keep renting for awhile longer. Just not quite ready to take that giant financial plunge yet. But we were extremely fortunate to find a lovely home for rent in the newspaper classifieds. We got a fantastic deal on it because, frankly, I don't think anyone really reads newspapers anymore. Do they?

bertolli frozen soup

Anyway, Nate and I officially had our first non-takeout meal in the new place, which I consider to be quite an achievement. We dug out some pots and (mostly) cleared the table and I made a Meal Soup from Bertolli (you can check them out over on Facebook and Twitter, too). Frozen Texas Toast rounded out the dish. Semi-homemade, I didn't have to do a ton of work, and we got it done for less than $10. Even on busy days, it really is important to me that my family at least tries to eat a healthy dinner together, so I always keep easy meals like that on hand. Soup is good because you can get vegetables, meat, pasta and herbs without a bunch of hassle. And so what if I can't find matching bowls and we have to resort to paper plates because all the other ones went missing…right? The important thing is that we get fed. Just getting to sit still together for a few moments is special to me.

No Place Like Home

Next on our list is installing a water filter. I'm definitely going to have to enlist Opa's help with that, because Nate has been crazy busy at work. I'm too lazy to get to the store and buy water, so we've been surviving on a bunch of canned Cokes that Papa brought over for us. I've had more carbonation in the last week alone than the entire year before that. It hasn't been the healthiest time of my life.

messy garage

The previous people at our place were evicted and kindly left a ton of their stuff in the garage, so we get to deal with that now. I told the landlady that we'd Craigslist it, put it out on the street or drag it to the dumpster for her.

I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge. All opinions are my own.