Nursery reveal

Our nursery is finally finished! We went with dark wood to match the rest of our house. It's a somewhat unconventional choice and isn't very “baby-ish,” but we lightened it up with a playful animal theme and blue and yellow colors. Overall there wasn't a very cohesive motif to it, but Some Boy seems to like his space just fine.

Nursery reveal dark wood

We posted about our DIY tree wall mural awhile back. Aside from not being able to paint anything in our rental unit, the major limitation we dealt with was space. We had just one short wall in our office to dedicate to a nursery area, so everything had to be cute and multifunctional.

Nursery changing table

Our changing table is a combination changing table/dresser that we painted to match the rest of the nursery furniture. We're cloth diapering, so those white baskets are used to hold all the clean diapers, and dirty ones go into the diaper champ. The other baskets on the floor are for his laundry.

baby mobile

Some Boy loves his baby mobile, which I covered with fabric myself.

nursery plaque

This wall hanging was given to me by my grandma when I was a baby, and hung in my room throughout my entire childhood. It's now hanging above Some Boy's changing table.

Nursery reveal stuffed animals

These stuffed animals are the very first thing I made when Nana taught me how to sew during my pregnancy.

Nursery reveal rubber duck

Rubber Ducky is guarding a bunch of folded up paper towels, which I lay Some Boy on to keep the changing pad clean while I change him. I use those Viva ultra-soft paper towels so he's nice and comfortable, and they're really absorbent to help control any messes.

Nursery reveal

Of course, here's the ever important college fund. Some Boy also has a lot of books, especially for someone who can't read yet!

He isn't sleeping in his nursery yet (we keep him in a bassinet in the bedroom so I'm not constantly hopping up and down every time he cries), but we do put him in his crib for occasional naps. So far he's still eating every three hours and waking up a lot at night, so we probably won't be moving him into the nursery for quite a while. His crib is a three-in-one that transitions from a crib to a baby bed, so we know we'll eventually get a lot of use out of it!