anniversary picture in front of Ruth's Chris

Nate and I celebrated three years of marriage this past weekend! Before our wedding we dated for five years, so we'll be going on a decade together soon. I was honestly so wrapped up with Bjorne that I completely forgot our anniversary, but Nate surprised me with a super-fancy dinner at Ruth's Chris. The kind of dinner we haven't enjoyed since Sidekick came along! It was decadent and upscale and well-deserved.

rich mahogany and leather-bound books

Nate deserved something fancy too, so I gave him this cool iPhone case that Truffol sent me to review awhile back. Truffol went into the phone case business after a rich background in the manufacturing of luxury time-pieces, a history that Nate actually has a strong passion for. He's always on the hunt for the coolest, most well-constructed items, and he and my dad sit and compare specs for hours. I swear, they both would have made incredible engineers.

Truffol iPhone cover

Truffol's “Signature” aluminum leather fusion phone case for the iPhone 5 features sleek design and premium quality with an Italian leather backing that secures to a stainless steel bumper. Nate, always the skeptic, had to confirm that it was in fact REAL leather. It's sourced from Santa Croce sull’Arno in Italy and trimmed to 0.4mm for a beautiful flat finish that adds an upscale elegance to the phone.

Truffol buttons

Supplementary buttons offer access to the iPhone's typical controls. Once I made sure that the openings were all properly aligned I was surprised at how well the mute button, power button and volume button responded.

Truffol components

There are two basic choices in phone case construction: one-piece stretchable ones where you wiggle the phone into them and two-piece rigid cases with a separate front and back that secure together. I've only owned the kind that stretch on or bend open and have found that they're either too tight and rub against the phone leaving markings when they're removed, or they're too loose and come off easily. I was really impressed with how securely this two-piece case fit around the phone without any obvious “pressure points” where it might wear over time.

Nate's phone

The bumper wraps around the phone and sits relatively flush with the screen. There is a polycarbonate layer inside to prevent scratches to the surface of the phone and provide shock protection in case of drops. For those worried about dings and scratches to the surface with such a thin front, it also comes with a clear “skin” protector that affixes directly to the screen.

new phone

Doesn't Nate look snazzy chatting on his leather-bound phone? This looks like an iPhone case that the President would use, alternating leather backing to match his tie. It looks like it belongs in a room that smells of rich mahogany. If you don't get that reference, we can no longer be friends.

Pre-order your own Truffol case now at before their official July 20th release, or learn more on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!