old office

We're still slooooowly unpacking after the move, and yesterday we started tackling the office. I finally get a dedicated office space! Not a nursery/office or a guest bedroom/office…just an office. Period.

old office hutch

Since I do almost all of my computer work on the laptop, I have the freedom to be creative with my work space and gear it more towards crafting and creating rather than computer gear. I'm using some old, antique furniture pieces from Nate's side of the family to corral all my creative tools and I'm absolutely smitten with how it's turning out so far.

small office furniture

This gate leg table folds out for a big work surface when I need it, or folds down to rest up against the wall when I want some more floorspace. I snagged this chair on Craigslist and thought it would look cute, but I'm not too wild about it. I think I need something wood, not fabric. Although the fabric does soften up the space, it just seems a little…large. What do you think?

old office storage

The hutch is an absolute lifesaver for a crafter like myself. I use the drawers to store embellishments, adhesives, paper-cutting accessories, ribbon, etc.

office storage boxes

The top has shelving for larger items and boxes of things like jewelry making torches and paper files.

office hutch storage

The middle part folds down into a table and reveals even more storage space.

old office organization cubbies

I like to keep knick-knacks in old mason and baby food jars.

office organization

Of course, I do use the occasional office gadget to actually get work done and pay bills now and again. My life isn't ALL scrapbooks and glue, as much as I'd like that. In an attempt to keep my drawing and note-taking tools sharp, I recently went to Walmart and bought a fancy new pencil sharpener called the Spira from X-ACTO (check them out on Facebook and Elmer's on Twitter, and you can get a $3 off Spira coupon if you're looking for some cool new gadgets). Necessities like this sharpener tuck away nicely into the cubbies when not in use, and can easily be pulled out as needed. That way, I don't have everything out constantly. It got a little overwhelming in my old office space when I had no storage and everything just sat on the desktop all the time.

Spira X-ACTO sharpener

See? Old meets new.

tax organization

Speaking of the old and the new, it's time to officially close out last year by paying taxes. We've hauled out our big file box that really just consists of three or four labeled folders and a bunch of empty spaces where receipts get randomly shoved in. Now it's just sitting there on the desk waiting to be tended to. It's that real-life stuff imposing all over my work space again! But the timing actually feels appropriate since “organization” and “simplifying” are big themes in our life right now, and we're motivated to get things back on track. I'm oddly excited to sit down with Nate and dig through all our financials and iron out our record-keeping habits. This last year has been one of quite a few huge upheavals: he got a new job, I quit my job and started working for myself, we had a baby, moved to a big home in the suburbs. Lots going on, and it will feel good to reflect on last year and move through the next in a more organized manner.

filing taxes

What about you? Do you get excited about tax time, even if it's just in anxious anticipation? Or am I the only dork around who feels this way?

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. I'm a campaign leader for their current #XACTO campaign and while I wasn't required to write a blog post, it fit in well with my new office and I wanted to share it with my readers. All opinions, as always, are my own.