We're still chipping away at all the spring organizing around here. The thing about getting married, having two kids and buying a house and car all within a frenzied three-year span is that you collect a LOT of paperwork. Closing papers, hospital bills, legal stuff. I have a good filing system but still, it's taking over. The stuff that I don't put into our “save for at least a year for taxes or reference” pile gets stashed in odd places around the house. I'm finding dentist quotes under magazines, retirement updates strewn around the guest bed. It's time to be rid of the old paperwork!

out with the old paperwork

We used to take old paperwork over to Oma and Opa's place for mass shredding on occasion, but that hasn't been practical lately. I'm not organized enough to actually store it up and take it over there anymore. You'd think I'd just buy my own shredder, but that takes money and time to actually get to the store or look on Amazon. I started just tossing this stuff in the recycling and then the other day…I saw a man going through our bin out on the backroad! He seemed to be looking for cans and bottles – stuff redeemable for cash here in CA – but that would make anyone a little bit nervous. There could have been one of those pre-approved credit card things in there. What if he called and activated it? What if he found some tax paperwork with our social security numbers on it?


Yeah, I need a shredder STAT. In the meantime, we have the fireplace! You there…bring me a match?

Proper Disposal of Old Paperwork

So, word to the wise: be thoughtful in your old paperwork disposal as you're spring cleaning this year. Check out this Identity Theft and Spring Cleaning article from Identity Guard to minimize your risk for identity theft! And don't forget the kids. You can help protect them from identity theft by enrolling them in a monitoring program like kID Sure to detect if anyone is improperly using their information.

How do you handle old paperwork during spring cleaning and tax season?

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