After the scary time we had last week, we're more committed than ever to rejoicing and living life one day at a time. This moment, right now, is what we're given. It matters.

Living life one day at a time

I've been reflecting on my family time and realizing that I really want to capture more video this year. I'm pretty good about taking pictures of the important moments, but the nuances are missing. The little babbles that make us laugh, the goofy toddler jigs and funny way that the preschooler pronounces “thank you” with a “sh” (shank you very much).

Living life one day at a time

I know, realistically, that I don't have the skill or the time to edit videos. Spending my life making endless cuts and computer-loading and whatnot would kind of defeat the purpose of this whole “one day at a time” thing, wouldn't it?

The best thing about the future... Abraham Lincoln quote

The Mom It Forward Blogger Network reached out to have us do a sponsored post with the OneDay app, and the timing was perfect. It's an instant movie maker that lets families answer question sets so that they can document their thoughts and feelings in the moment about a wide variety of topics. The app captures their stories and then seamlessly stitches the answers together into a professional-looking movie that can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, or saved to the camera toll. No editing skills required. And you can totally do retakes if you screw up along the way.

Whether your kids know the “right” answers or not, it's fun to document their off-the-wall ideas. Or their 2-year-old tantrums. Whatever.

Living life one day at a time

The OneDay app even has a few adorable Valentine's Day theme videos that would be perfect to send to a loved one (go ahead, take credit – you don't have to tell them how easy it is). It's a sweet, unique way to connect with your spouse, it takes less than five minutes…and it's totally free!

Download the OneDay app on iTunes to start capturing your own one day at a time today.

Do you make a conscious effort to approach life one day at a time?