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I hate shopping. I've always had general issues with crowds and decision-making, and then the kids came along and it became a full-blown workout. It was the exact opposite of a one stop shop. Put toddler in carseat, take baby out of carrier, strap children into stroller, restrain little ones from yanking things off shelves. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

one stop shop with toddler
At the grocery store, mall, pharmacy, vet, etc.

target shopping
Target: My One Stop Shop for Meds, Clothes and More

For this reason (among others), Target has become like my second home. I've written full-blown stalkeresque essays about how Target calls to me like a homing beacon. Wide aisles. Simplified options. Everything in one place. I can get in, get what I need, ogle over some prettiness and get the heck out of there.

Having a helpful pharmacy in the same place as the rest of my shopping is a lifesaver. If I have doubts about something my doctor prescribed for the family, they have real live people I can chat with. Target even rewards me with 5% off a day of shopping after I get five prescriptions filled. No wonder Target Pharmacy is ranked highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies by J.D. Power. Because they rock.

Moms, make your lives easier
I hear a lot of moms with similar shopping complaints, and I always encourage them to find a “one stop shop” like Target Pharmacy. You need a place where you can get in and get on with your business, knowing that you're in trusted hands. A place that will text you (amen for that!) when your prescription is ready so you can use your time to shoot on over to the market section and get groceries instead of awkwardly wrangling your kids in a waiting room full of sick people. A place that will offer you $4 generics to save money and even fill prescriptions for your pet (who's on board with one less trip to the vet?).

Hoorah for Target.