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I think that throughout our lives, God puts us exactly where we need to be and uses negative experiences for good. I truly believe that with every fiber of my being. Sometimes it's just hard to see in the moment, or in the long series of drawn-out and painful times.

opioid dependence

I've had on-and-off back issues my whole life (I have scoliosis and on top of that, suffered a childhood injury that was never fully addressed). The pain flared up again severely in the last year, aggravated by the birth of my second son and the day-to-day strain of toting around a combined 55 pounds of baby and toddler. I've been trying to find doctors here to help and at the same time dealing with a myriad of other unrelated surgery issues and in all of this, one thing has repeatedly surprised me.

Everyone is trying to fling meds at me.

after baby

I had a baby, so they gave me opioids to ease the healing process. I'll admit I took them freely because MAN, stuff hurts after your body erupts an entire person out of it. And then the back issues continued, on and on beyond the realm of normal labor recovery. More meds. Other health issues and more surgery and there are opioids galore in my bathroom cabinet.

I've been fearful of taking everything as prescribed because I know how damaging these substances can be. I've personally seen several friends through opioid dependence. I'm blessed to have supportive, medically-trained family members who I can talk to about these things, and who have helped me find the help I really need. Not everyone is so lucky. It breaks my heart to see in the media and in real life, people who have gotten sucked into this warped world are stigmatized as out-of-control individuals making poor choices and suffering bad judgment. In the case of opioids, the line between recovery and dependence is a slippery slope. Not once did any doctor warn me about the side effects, about the addictive nature of this medication. Not once did they offer an alternative.

getting help from family

This is how it happens, until your body resets and you crave those substances like caffeine or alcohol. You need them to get through the day as your brain signals, “More! More, more pain, more need.” I've felt that pain. It's a terrifying place to be. Nobody should be judged in that moment. At any point, anyone is a single accident away from facing prescription painkiller addiction.


If you or somebody you love is struggling with opioid dependence, I encourage you to visit ResetReality.com. Learn about opioid dependence and find a doctor who will listen to your concerns and help you find a way out of the cycle. There are some touching stories of people who have been through similar struggles (remember Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino?) and come through to the other side.

There is hope for everyone, including you. Including me.