There won't be any Teach Me Tuesday post later today, as we're on the road on our EPIC Odyssey Road Trip. We've borrowed the most awesome van ever from Honda (this thing has a vacuum, guys!) and headed on up the coast from San Diego. By the time you all read this, we will have already hit Tahoe, Crater Lake and toured a Tree Top facility near Yakima before visiting family around Seattle. Phew. Now, we're headed on to Portland and then down through Oregon and San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Follow our adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #OdysseyRoadTrip. You can also come back to this post to check out new photos from our trip all week long! Later in the week, we'll be featuring a couple guest posts and we have a little announcement about a big new sponsor. We can't wait to get back to share all the details of our adventure with you guys.