As we're about to tackle the nursery decor in our apartment, we realized that you should all see the “before” pictures to get an idea of what we have to work with! Almost 6 months after the move, we're finally (mostly) settled in. So without further ado, I give you our official apartment tour.

apartment tour floorplan
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After the wedding, we were on a strict budget and wanted something safe in a central San Diego neighborhood. We chose our two-bedroom apartment because the price was right. The rooms are tiny, but we like the ability to keep our desks separate from the rest of our living area (of course, this whole “separate office space” thing changed a little bit once we found out I was pregnant).

humble abode living room

We spend the majority of our time in the living room, even though we don't have cable (we hook our laptop up to the TV for any must-see episodes, and Netflix gets us our movie fix). It seems a little bit odd that our dining table is tucked back next to our couch, but it gives us room to sprawl out on the floor for any projects and leaves access to the deck when we barbecue. Whenever we have guests over, we pull the table into the middle of the room so there's space for everyone to sit. The counter-height table was a $100 steal at a used furniture store, and a hidden leaf allows it to pull out into a large square shape  – not that we have room for that!

A covered desk left over from our college days serves as a TV stand, and also gives us room to stash small end tables that I pull up to the couch (which was found at Ashley Furniture for about $300) whenever I'm sewing or doing a craft. To brighten up the room, we installed minimalist track lighting. If we owned this apartment, we would have drilled through the wall and hidden the cord that hangs down on the side. Grommet drapery panels also give the place a more homey touch than the ugly vertical blinds that were here when we moved in.

kitchen apartment tour

One requirement of every place I live is that the kitchen be adjacent to the living room. I hate feeling isolated when I cook. You can see that the kitchen is really long and narrow without a lot of cabinet or counter space. A built-in shelving unit leading into the kitchen helps organize our cook books and DVDs, and we added some magazine racks by the front door to help organize our mail.

humble abode kitchen

Since the kitchen was severely lacking in counters and storage space, we had to improvise a little. A baker's rack on the left holds all our kitchen gadgets, while some stacked Ikea tables on the right are the perfect height to add counter space with room for storage underneath. With nowhere else to put them, we simply hung our pots and pans on the wall.

apartment tour bathroom

Smack dab in the middle of the apartment with easy access from the living room, office or bedroom is the bathroom. I was initially offput by the really ugly green and beige marblized countertop, but it actually works with our green hand towels.

humble abode bathroom

This is pretty much the extent of our bedroom. There's a closet across from the bed but other than that this room fits our dressers, a California King sized bed (our first official purchase as a married couple) and absolutely nothing else. We're planning to squeeze a bassinet onto one side of the bed when the baby comes, but it's going to be a tight fit.

apartment tour nursery

Looking down the hall we have a bit of storage space where we keep household essentials, and we can peer into our office/nursery. The office is the room that's most in need of improvement, as it's begun to serve as a catch-all for stuff we have nowhere else to put. Our baby will be needing to move into this room soon, too. One wall has been reserved for the crib (a sturdy dark cherry 3-in-1 from Target) and a hand-me-down changing table/dresser, which is currently being stored at the in-laws' place. That's pretty much all the room we have for baby stuff, aside from some closet space we're working to clear out. Wish us luck with that – we'll definitely need it!

It's certainly not the most glamorous of spaces, but it's a huge step up from our college days. In LA, we spent an exorbitant amount of money to live in a tiny one-bedroom that was – I kid you not – underground! We literally had a view of feet out of our bedroom window. While hoping to buy our own home one day, we see our current apartment as the perfect transitional place for this stage of our lives.