our new dog

I know I kind of left you all hanging the other day with our new house announcement, promising to share our OTHER news soon. I've had a bunch of messages from people guessing what I meant when I said that our family is growing more quickly than expected. No, we're not having twins. Thank God. I think a toddler and one baby is enough for now. Two kids, two hands. That works for me.

our new dog

Our New Dog

Meet our new dog, Kraken! I've been promising Nate for the last four years that we could get a dog as soon as we had a house to put him in. Nate really held me to my word, picking the little guy up just hours after we signed the final paperwork. He's eight weeks old. And if you're wondering about the name: it's taken from Greek mythology. “Release the Kraken!” They're legendary creatures of the sea, those scary octopus-looking things that are always taking down ships. Anybody a fan of Clash of the Titans? Pirates of the Caribbean? Yup, that was all the inspiration for our new dog's name. You can blame credit Nate with that one.

Me and our new dog, Kraken

Kraken seems a wee bit overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of activity around him, but I think he's excited about his role as our new dog. He and Some Boy are getting along famously, with just a couple incidences of nipping. Some Boy's already learning to discipline the little dude, pointing aggressively at him and loudly squeaking, “Hmm!” to get my attention when our new dog does something wrong. Kraken's had a little tummy trouble adjusting to dog food, and I've actually been soaking and blending his food into a wet mix to make it easier on his new teeth and stomach. I'm admittedly anxious about taking on a new house, new baby, new dog AND wrangling the toddler at the same time, but we'll figure it out.

We always do!