It's one of my favorite things about this season. The air warms up and the family piles outside to soak up the sun, feet dangling in a pool of cool water. We have “outdoor bath time” in the summer, and everyone from the goats to the dogs and babies get in on it.

outdoor bath for the pups

Outdoor Baths are for the Dogs…and the Boys

Outdoor baths started as a way to keep the dogs clean, but the boys quickly joined in and I was happy to oblige. Inside, we have a tiny tub that lends a little too well to splashing the entire room. So we take the whole crew outside and fill up a little basin. I use Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo on the dogs. The vet recommended it awhile back when I mentioned that their skin was often becoming irritated and flaky. It's super-convenient for us since the boys already use it – one less thing to stock up on! Plus, I feel good knowing that Johnson's is involved in a number of charitable organizations that give back to children.

Bjorne dog

Bjorne, the shorthair, is perpetually dirty no matter how often we wash him. I think it's more in his personality than his breed. He's constantly flopping down in the dirt, rolling around to burrow into the homes of lizards and gophers.

dog splashing after outdoor bath

Kraken has fur for miles, but he's a little more fussy about it. He lets us know when he has burrs stuck in his thick matting, and he rubs up against logs and trees to smooth out his wild hair.

boys taking outdoor bath

After a thorough soaking from the wet dogs, it's time to plop the boys into their kiddie pool and suds up for their own outdoor bath.

healthy baby taking a mini pool bath

We do have a big concrete pool that we use often, but I certainly wouldn't consider all that chlorine to be a proper substitute for a bath, you know? For our outdoor baths with some suds from Johnson's, the little pool is where it's at.

I've teamed up with Johnson's to spread the word about their initiative to help children!
During the month of June, Johnson's Baby Cares is donating $1.00 for every Johnson's Baby product sold at Walmart to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide. Walmart has supported Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for over 25 years, raising more than $650 million in the process. Money raised will be donated to local hospitals throughout the United States to help hospitals with whatever they determine are their most vital needs, whether it is critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment or charitable care.

Join me June 17 at 12pm EST to learn more about how @JohnsonsBaby and @Walmart are raising money for @CMNHospitals. You can follow along with hashtag #JohnsonsBabyCARES. Get more details and prize information and RSVP over on Twtvite!