MAM pacifier baby

Some Boy and I have had an ongoing pacifier war since he was born. He loves pacifiers and they really comfort him, but we can't seem to get the dang things to stay in his mouth! I've tried practically every brand and every size they sell. One drowsy morning at 3am, I even Googled “pacifiers that stay in” in a desperate search for a solution. Short of duct taping the thing to his head (tempting, but no) I couldn't come up with anything.

So the other day we were playing Some Boy's favorite pacifier game. I poked it in his mouth, he sucked on it for about half a minute, it fell out, he cried, I stuck it back in. Out again, crying, in again. Out, in…you get the picture. I suddenly remembered that a public relations representative for MAM recently sent me some of their products to try out, including a couple of their pacifiers. They were one of the few brands I had yet to try. The pacifier was oddly-shaped and kind of bulbous-looking, but I figured it was worth a shot. I quickly washed one of the pacifiers and plopped it in his mouth, praying to the pacifier gods that it would stay in for more than five seconds.

MAM pacifier

Some Boy looked a little confused by the feeling of the new shape and blinked up at me for a few moments, sucking contemplatively. And then a miraculous thing happened: he just sat there. No dropping the pacifier. No in and out games. No crying.

I immediately did a happy dance and ran around the house, collecting a hundred other assorted pacifiers and chucking them triumphantly in the trash. We invested in a few more MAM pacifiers to place strategically around his crib and changing table, and life hasn't been the same since. He still drops the pacifier occasionally if he gets distracted or falls into a deep sleep, but there's no more constant need to attend to it. Around here we now call MAM the miracle pacifier. I wanted to share our story because I'm betting that there are other bleary-eyed moms going through the same thing. Hopefully this will help them, too.

Thank you, MAM. You made this sleepy mom's day much better with pacifiers that finally stay where they belong.

MAM sent me the above products with no obligation to post a review. All opinions are my own.