Summer is slowly creeping closer, and for our family that means one very important, much anticipated thing: paleo barbecue. We go all out with gluten-free versions of carne asada, grilled chicken, roasted peppers and barbecued seafood. We're bringing you a list of our favorites from around the web with Foodie!

Paleo Barbecue with the Family

I never realized how many unhealthy additives and high fructose corn syrup were present in a lot of pre-bottled sauces and packaged snacks we used to eat. Sidekick's baby allergies have been mostly outgrown now, but I'm still thankful for the opportunity it gave me to pause and really think about what was going into my children's little bodies. My paleo barbecue homemade versions of our old storebought things are tastier and better for you, and I find that I get a lot more creative with my cooking when I'm consciously thinking about ingredients. We still do good old all-beef hot dogs and lettuce-wrap burgers, but I find that paleo barbecue makes me think outside the box and get more adventurous than the standard party fare I used to serve.

Paleo Barbecue: 12 dishes for gluten-free, grilled potluck perfection

I whip up tangy, deep-flavored barbecue sauces from fresh-picked tomatoes and palm sugar or honey. Throw some peppers in to control the flavor and make batches that are perfect for everyone in the family. Sweet and mild for the boys, with a little extra lime. Spicy and bold for Opa and Nate. Balanced and fruity for Oma and I, usually with some exotic Thai or Indian spices to shake things up. My latest adventure is figuring out how to can, so I can make larger batches and preserve these flavors for later on. We're getting back to basics, from paleo barbecue to baked goods and pantry organization. Our homesteading adventures are a ton of fun, and I know that the extra effort may well tack years onto our lives.

From home-roasted nuts to glazed vegetables and hearty, healthy meats…this is paleo barbecue done right.