Until you believe you have options... quote

The most stubborn baby on the planet has finally decided to take a bottle.


Until you believe you have options... quote

We went out for Thai food the other day and I plopped my 24-pound 5-month-old baby into a high chair. He has full head control, but dang if this child isn't floppy as heck. There's just so much of him. My Buddha baby keeps kind of slumping to and fro. Anytime he shifts his weight it's like an earthquake throughout the whole vicinity. The kid has refused to be away from my side for the majority of his life, and I just wanted to eat a dang egg roll without him in my lap. So I tried propping him up with the boys' stuffed animals. I strapped on a toy for him to tinker with, hesitantly removed my hands…

…and did a tiny internal victory dance.


That's when I heard a faint muttering at the table next to me. “That kid is definitely not stable enough for that chair,” the childless twenty-something muttered, rolling her eyes for effect at her trendy comrades.

“You probably know more about LIP GLOSS than you do about parenting,” I snipped at her…in my head. Yes, I refrained. Out loud, I huffed and clenched my fists, stuffed an appetizer between my teeth and took my child back into my arms.

Until you believe you have options... quote

There's no point in explaining the sum total of my life experiences to a judgmental stranger. But to you, dear readers? To you I will pass on my little lessons. The thing is that there are no hard and fast rules, and you need to keep trying different things with different children to get it right. In my years raising a family, there's one key thing I've learned, one pivotal point that benefits both parent and child.


Until you believe you have options, you'll continue to feel stuck.

Until you believe you have options... quote

Experimentation is key. I may not make the right decision the first time, but knowing that I can try something new offers up infinite hope. I'll admit the baby is probably too young for that chair, but for a moment – just a tiny second of freedom – sitting up like his brothers within my reach helped widen his perspective. It showed him what's next. It helped him grow, ever so slightly.

Until you believe you have options... quote

Options are a key to enjoyment in life. I know that if I fail one thing, I can always try another. It's that trying and adjusting and repeatedly experimenting that has led me to this glorious moment in which I can feed my child and not struggle with an infant flailing around my breast hourly because he's not getting enough sustenance.

You see, I don't produce enough milk. There are certain imbalances in my body that make it so – no matter how hard I try – I will always have to supplement to some extent.

With my first son who had colic, and my second son who had food intolerances, a lack of options led to nightmarish experiences. I couldn't find a formula that would agree with their little tummies and was also natural enough for my tastes. Sidekick couldn't handle dairy but most alternatives used soy. “Ach, plant protein?” I questioned. “Anything but that!” We tried a formula that relied heavily on rice, and other moms whispered rumors about toxins found in that ingredient. There were no choices I could feel truly confident about.

We've now partnered with Similac, and I shared a lot of my concerns with them. I am SO stoked today to be able to tell you guys that the company has responded to parents by adding another option to the mix: Similac Advance Non-GMO Baby Formula. The company maintains their belief that GMOs are safe, but they are also committed to supporting consumers' choices. Bravo, Similac. I am proud to partner with a company that is exactly that: a PARTNER to parents as we navigate these early years and the array of decisions that come with it.

Have you ever felt like your parenting options were limited?

Similac partnered with bloggers such as me for its new product launch for Similac Advance Non-GMO. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Similac believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission media engagement recommendations.