I was researching party essentials the other day when I happened upon the most awesome BevMo! review that pretty much sums up everything I love about the beverage supply (and more!) store.

“If this place had deli meat and toilet paper,
I would have no reason to shop anywhere else.” – Mike B

It dawned on me: that list is truly all you need to host a party.

The only three party supplies that you need to have on hand at all times..png

The Bare Bones Really, Really Must-Have Party Essentials

  1. Deli meat.
  2. Toilet paper.
  3. Alcohol.

Think about it. Running short on food? Roll some deli meat up on skewers with whatever else you have on hand. Voila! Insta-classy. Need decorations? You can totally do awesome things with toilet paper. Or you could just use it for its intended purpose. A party without toilet paper is an UNHAPPY party. And then, duh, alcohol tops the list of party essentials. BevMo! actually does provide a lot more than alcohol (serving necessities, host gifts, snacks, etc) but the drinks are where it's at.

Getting party essentials at BevMo

I Repeat: The Drinks are Where It's At

I headed on up to Riverside the other day for the grand opening of a new BevMo Riverside in Mission Grove and I learned SO much about party essentials and drink pairings.

Wilfred Wong at BevMo

I was honored to get the chance to meet with Cellar Master Wilfred Wong, a 40+ year veteran in the industry. This guy tastes as many as 8,000 alcoholic drinks annually (maybe that's why he is SO funny?!). He's also an incredible photographer. Check out his Instagram page if you have a chance. He's a true artist.

If you're in the Riverside area, run over to 7562 Mission Grove Parkway and check out the new 8,000 square foot space. Their 5 cent wine sale is going on now (stock up time!), which means on select wines you can get a second for just 5 cents when you buy the first at regular price. I asked Wilfred for a list of his favorite 5 cent picks, and this is what he shared for his own party essentials:

  1. Main & Geary Pinot Grigio ’12 with linguine and clams in a light cream sauce
  2. Ray’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc with raw oysters on the half shell
  3. Dolce Vita Prosecco with tuna sashimi in sorrel and lemon
  4. Beringer Carneros Chardonnay ’12 with sauteed, pounded chicken breast in a light crème sauce
  5. Ray’s Creek Chardonnay with lightly grilled shrimp in a white wine reduction sauce
  6. Kenwood Jack London Merlot ’10 with baked pork tenderloin in savory spices
  7. Zolo Gaucho Select Malbec ’11 with grilled beef or goat in a light red wine reduction sauce
  8. Donovan-Parke Pinot Noir ’12 with grilled salmon in fresh, savory herbs
  9. Unruly Red Table Wine ’11 with grilled beef or lamb in savory herbs
  10. Crooked Path Zinfandel ’11 with Greek style lamb kebobs in rosemary and lemon zest

BevMo wine glass

I, for one, may just be opting for ham and Pinot Grigio because that's how I roll. To get a better feel for wine selections and stock up on party essentials, head to your local BevMo! for 5 Cent Wine Sale tastings on Fridays from 4-7 pm and Saturdays from 2-5 pm.

What are YOUR must-have party essentials?