Learning Persistence

Some Boy started kindergarten this year, and I'm thrilled to say that he is doing fantastic. It's been a long road getting here, though. I've shared a bit about the pregnancy complications and health issues and just a bunch of stuff we've dealt with this year. On top of that, transitioning from preschool to kindergarten with our oldest involved a weirdly steep learning curve.

Learning persistence...with a kindergartenerTracking PixelWe got the boys into an educational preschool setting fairly early on. The big guy – always tasked with navigating new waters before his siblings – struggled. These weren't particularly uncommon struggles for an oldest child, in my opinion, but there were bumps along the way that led to his teachers referring us to the county for an IEP assessment. An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that offers extra support to meet student learning needs, as well as providing additional resources for their teachers to turn to.

Learning persistence...with a kindergartener

I honestly never planned to share any details of this process on the blog. My son's personal struggles are his own story to tell. We all fight battles, big and small, and in the end they can be viewed as nothing more or less than a strand in the tapestry of our lives. There is stuff surrounding all of this, though, that inevitably impacted our family. We live in a small rural area with limited resources, so there was quite a bit of driving around and schedule-wrangling and meetings to iron everything out. We're in the process of renovating our fixer-upper farmhouse so there's been all of that to contend with, on top of work and everything else. When it rains, it pours!

Honestly, there were a few moments where Nate and I seriously doubted if we'd made the right decisions in how we set our life up. This one issue managed to rub at some vulnerabilities, from our home to our parenting decisions and family structure overall.

The art of love... quote

There is a happy ending, though – and I get to share it in the coolest way. As this was all finally getting resolved, a friend of mine reached out and told me that she was working with the Awestruck YouTube channel on some content development, and they wanted to sponsor us to share our story. Awestruck offers up a network of support with other parents who have had similar experiences from the overwhelming to the funny and sweet moments of motherhood. Nate and I decided that we learned so much from coming through this experience, it could be genuinely helpful for other families facing bumps in the road.

We wanted to share a hopeful message of persistence and learning in the face of difficulty. That's really what this whole year boils down to for us. If we didn't have a handle on it before, we've definitely learned persistence now. A huge thanks goes out to Awestruck for sponsoring us and sharing our story.

What obstacles has your family faced that made you stronger in the end?