getting a toddler to eat

Sundays are bittersweet around here. The boys and I have had a nice long weekend with Nate (who doesn't ever work on Fridays – woohoo!), but Sunday evenings he has a standing commitment that takes him away from us and then he heads right back to work. So on Sundays we get up bright and early and head to church, followed by errands or a trip to Bates Nut Farm, and then the boys get their nap while Nate and I spend a last hour or two in each other's company before a week of long hours and late nights. Some Boy always wakes up right before Nate has to leave and it's heartbreaking to see his little face drop as his “dada” walks out the door. Nate's even started going out the back in an attempt to avoid the meltdown.

Our Sunday Night Tradition

play with your food

I've started doing a special “play with your food” night for Some Boy on Sundays to give him something to look forward to. I gather up all his favorite finger foods (Tyson chicken nuggets, cheese and fruit pieces) and this is the one night per week that he's allowed to have dinner in the living room, away from his high chair. It's kind of a big deal.

play with your food plates

I love Tyson chicken nuggets because they're all natural (no weird preservatives for my kiddo). He loves them because they're finger food. I noticed on our latest package that they have this cute “Show Us Your Nugget Plate” offer for a free plate with three product purchases. Score! Some Boy loves having his own special little plate to eat off of. We even bought him his own little plastic cups now that we're moving up to “big boy” phase. I know it's a little thing, but stuff like this goes a long way with toddlers.

toddler playing with food

Hulu is updated with the latest episode of Glee every Sunday, so we sit together on the couch and watch it. Some Boy LOVES Glee. I'm not kidding. When he's done with his fruit and cheese (which for some reason get eaten first at every single meal), he usually hops off the couch and dances around to whatever corny number they're doing, waving his nuggets around. It's hysterical.

playing with food...on the couch

I take the opportunity to snack on some oatmeal or soup. I usually have a pretty heavy late lunch before sending Nate off, so it's easy for me to have something light that I can easily put aside for playtime with Some Boy. It's really important to me to have moments like this, focused just on the two of us.

Get Toddlers to Eat: Play with your Food!

Making toddler meals fun

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