Pledges to my children... quote

This baby, man. He has always seemed older than his age. The first day he popped out, he looked like he knew exactly what we going on with the world around him. He understands how to be patient and calm, and also how to give me this look that says, “Come on, mom, get it together.”

Pledges to my children... quote

Juggling three kids is different than I expected. The age gap – small as it is – is apparent. Their needs are incredibly diverse. The 4-year-old has big, worldly questions and I can see the direct impact of my parenting in his personality. The almost-3-year-old craves acknowledgement and challenge. The 9-month-old wants to hear my voice and he wants food all the time. So much food.

Pledges to my children... quote

For awhile there, our daily existence felt like sheer survival. As I'm coming out of the post-baby fog, though, I'm reaffirming my commitment to our family's well-being. Lately I've been stepping away to just look at them. Really look. What I see is astonishing: people with their own ideas and capabilities. Each night as I put them down for bed, we call out what we're thankful for and we set expectations for the next day. I close their door and meander down the hallway, thinking over my expectations for myself. I make promises to those kids in my mind.

I pledge to see my children as human beings.

I vow to be there when it matters to them. And even when they think it doesn't.

Pledges to my children... quote

I will always love them, no matter what they do.

I pledge to put their safety first.

I promise to provide stability and help them grow as confident individuals.

I pledge to always offer a listening ear.

Pledges to my children... quote

I will teach them. I will do what I can to make them capable of anything.

I pledge to support their future.

What pledges to you make to your own children?