Today I’m sharing how we're prepping to build a pool cave as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars

Work less! Pressure wash more! #ZepSocialStars #ad

Most men grew up avoiding chores. Especially when it involved chores around the house. I, however, was a bit of an odd duck. One of my favorite activities was vacuuming. I think it had to do with the fact that it had a motor, made noise and ran on electricity. And that is probably why I loved mowing the lawn so much. I was the master of my own little universe.

Not much has changed. I still like mowing the lawn and vacuuming the house. Well, the non-tiled parts. It's like my own period of meditation as I escape into the droning sound of my work. In my head I'm still the same five year old boy I was back then.

A Clean Start to our Pool Cove

Now, I'm about 30 years old and unfortunately, I could not avoid girl cooties forever. Chelsea cornered me one day and made me marry her. What's worse is she says I have to do “chores.” I mean blech. Nothing makes a chore you would normally love doing stink like when your girl master tells you to do it. Then it's just forced labor.

Work less! Pressure wash more! #ZepSocialStars #ad

This year, Chelsea has it in her mind that we're going to renovate or revitalize the broken-down pergola that the old owners left awkwardly sitting in our front walkway area.

I wouldn't mind hitting it full speed with a bulldozer for fun.

Work less! Pressure wash more! #ZepSocialStars #ad

After a while, though, I saw her point and thought creating a pool cove out of it would really add to the ambiance. There are three issues, though. First, after years of sitting out in the sun it became caked in dust and some type of micro lichin (fungus-y moss stuff). It's actually recommended to pressure wash these things every year or two to avoid mold but that upkeep obviously didn't happen before we got here. You can even avoid having to paint your house for quite awhile with regular pressure washer touch-ups.

In addition to the grossness, the paint had bubbled up and needed to be stripped so it could be repainted. Finally, it needed to be moved.

Work less! Pressure wash more!

As they say, one thing at a time!

Work less! Pressure wash more! #ZepSocialStars #ad

Chelsea let me have my fun and didn't boss me around too much. I pulled out my new Briggs and Stratton Power Flow+ pressure washer and added ZEP's All-in-1 Premium Pressure Washing Concentrate. This job was too big for water alone, and none of us were up for the lengthy task of hand-scrubbing that thing. I turned the nozzle to “cleaning solution” mode and gave the pergola a good dousing. I let ZEP do its work on the wood frame and then turned the nozzle to rinse mode. Bye bye, dust and lichin scum!

Having the time to spray the pergola brought back my euphoric feeling of my youthful self learning to master my own little world. ZEP definitely helped make the work easier. What's better is that cootie girl is happy…which as we all know, makes everyone at home happy.