Today we're cleaning for baby as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #ZepSocialstars

The baby is mobile. I repeat, the baby is mobile. And touching ALL THE THINGS.

Baby Minion by our office door

You would think as a parent, everything we learned from the first child is kept in our memory vault and turns into some type of Modus Operandi (aka our MO or Mode of Operation…you know, the way we get stuff done). Unfortunately, that is not true for everything. Kids grow and the things you need to pay attention to change. Certain stuff becomes a bit less necessary to remember.


As Minion makes his way around, suddenly we're reminded of all the grossness everywhere.

Baby Minion looking skeptical by our office door

It's not like we have  a slop monster slathering around slime and other types of refuse. We have a nice farm house in the northern hills of San Diego with chickens, goats, sheep and dogs. Rockabilly and Gruff (the goats) and Thor and Deer (the sheep) stay outside. For good reason, too! They poo everywhere they go. Like everywhere. That's not such a problem outside, but the dogs live in AND outside. The dogs also don't really care about where they lay down when sunning outdoors. So sometimes they lay on goat and sheep poop. I call it goa-eep poo. Then they come inside again. Kraken's favorite place to sleep for some weird reason is right up against doors. And so, an invisible danger is rubbed against the portals that Minion likes to swing back and forth for amusement.

Baby Minion looking at our office door

For all of you new, soon to be or “pondering the possibility of” parents out there: babies don't usually go around licking doors. No, sir. What they do is grab everything. They fondle, wiggle, finger, flip and flap whatever they can get their tiny pudgy hands on. Chelsea keeps freaking out and I keep telling her that this is NOT such a bad thing.

But then those grubby hands go to the mouth.


So, that's where I drew the line. I acquiesced to cleaning.

Zep All-Around Oxy

On stuff like this, we use Zep Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser. Chelsea tells me it has some sort of fancy oxygen bubbles to break up grime. It gets stuck-on stains out of everything – even delicate materials like upholstery – so we know it won't strip away our paint. I may have once tried to clean with turpentine and that did not go over well. Plus, this stuff doesn't have harsh fumes that irritate Minion's lungs.

A few years ago, I got my EMT cert and learned something interesting relating to CPR issues. When an adult is choking, it is vital to keep the heart pumping so that oxygenated blood gets swished around the body. But for children with developing brains and lungs, clean oxygen is even MORE important than just blood flow. Extrapolating that to everyday life, you want to make sure that what you use around your house won't harm their little air bags (i.e. lungs).

Long story short? Oxygen is good.

Cleaning a dirty door

So we took care of the little things (babies and cleaning alike) and made sure no goa-eep excretions stood a chance to meet little Minion. He and Chelsea are both happy now.

Cleaning for baby

Just look at that poo-free face.