Since Some Boy came around, life has been filled with wondrous new things. Baby giggles. Miniature versions of pants and tiny little spoons. Postpartum hair loss. A shortened attention span.


Let's face it, not everything in the postpartum world is entirely adorable. Nails start chipping. There's an extra 30 or so pounds that just hang around indefinitely. You suddenly can't remember what you had for breakfast this morning, let alone your new baby's middle name or birth date (seriously, why do people keep asking?). Fortunately, most of these issues can be addressed with a little extra attention and some good food and vitamins like B2 and omega-3. I've recently been talking with the people over at Centrum about health through their #NutritionPossible campaign and am excited to be learning a ton and making my well-being more of a priority. For everyone else out there wrangling a new baby and trying to deal with your own health at the same time, here's what you can expect when you're no longer expecting.

That long, luscious hair that everyone admires during pregnancy will all fall out. It's inevitable. Your body stops producing those extra hormones and you suddenly start looking like a molting cat. Don't get too worked up over it – you're not going bald. Your hair is simply returning to its pre-pregnancy thickness. Minimize the grossness of this phase by frequently brushing your hair to clear out loose strands before they end up all over the house. Use a deep-conditioning treatment to keep your locks as shiny as possible, and consider giving in to the “mom cut.” Before you know it, the baby will be trying to yank out what's left, anyway.

postpartum nails

Another bonus from all the pregnancy hormones is thick, healthy nails. So another postpartum problem you can expect is the loss of that pretty, polished enamel. Unlike the hair issue, however, this won't come suddenly. Your nails will slowly return to their pre-pregnancy status, but you can keep them looking healthy by taking vitamin E and getting plenty of calcium and protein.

Tired of people telling you you're “glowing”? That will come to a screeching halt after the baby comes along. Now you get stretch marks to contend with, and many women even suffer postpartum acne (thanks a lot, baby!). Most of this will fade with time. While you're waiting it out, however, minimize the bumps and redness by keeping out of the sun and cleansing your skin daily. You can also help diminish the lines by moisturizing, exercising regularly, taking vitamin B2 and drinking lots of water.

It's particularly hard to shed those baby pounds when nursing around-the-clock has you hungrier than a ravenous hippo. Do your best to choose healthy options. Reach for a carrot stick instead of a Cheeto every now and then. Your body will thank you and your baby will get better nutrition as well. Also, do your best to get off the couch. Run. I'm trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. Lastly, just have patience. Some women swear that breastfeeding helps the pounds come off, and others claim that theirs didn't give way until they weaned. It took nine months to pack the pounds on…it will likely take about that long to lose them.

postpartum vitamins

For me, this has been the hardest postpartum problem to deal with. During pregnancy, women experience a mind fog that some refer to as “baby brain.” What nobody warns you about, however, is the after-baby haze. I call it “postpartum perplexity.” Suddenly, you can't remember why you walked into the room, what appointment you have tomorrow, or where you put your keys (hint: check the freezer). A lot of it can be chocked up to lack of sleep, so do your best to nap when the baby naps. Exercise your mind with non-baby related hobbies, like reading an occasional book or writing a letter. Lastly, keep your brain in peak condition with power foods like green tea, eggs, fruits and vegetables and supplements like ginkgo biloba and omega-3. Omega-3 is said to be one of the best brain boosters out there – and it's good for the baby's brain development, too.

I'm trying Centrum ProNutrient omega-3, which I found easily at Walmart and am absolutely loving so far. You can check out my whole shopping trip on ThisMoment below.

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