Consumer surveys this time of year always reveal that “practical” is the new black. We've splurged on shiny baubles for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's day. By the time June rolls around, families are on the lookout for functional stuff that won't break the bank. Here are our favorite practical gifts for dad.

Awesomely practical gifts for dad

Awesomely Practical Gifts for Dad


Razors: I keep hearing about these razor subscription services that automatically deliver new razors each month at a huge savings. Plus, it cuts back on last-minute trips to the store. Come to think of it, this is like a gift to myself! If dad's more into the electric thing, Nate's still digging the Braun Cruzer he got over a year ago.

microsoft surface pro

Savvy technology: Upgrade dad's cell phone to the latest and greatest in 4G, or give his tablet a boost.

car wash

Time-saving services: How about a gift card for auto detailing or delivery dry-cleaning services? This practical gift for dad will give him more time to spend with the family.


Electric toothbrushes: Oh, dad. What is it about things that go “bzzzzz” that get you all excited? Oddly enough, mom seems to share your sentiment. Give dad the latest in cutting-edge hygiene. We both use an Oral B electric toothbrush, which is great for guys like Nate who just received some bad news at the dentist.


Sporting goods: Anything that he'll actually use is always a good investment. A new tent for the family, a barbecue, golf tees…whatever hobby he's into, he'll love that you took the time to think about him. This is one of the most practical gifts for dad we can possibly think of!

What are you giving the dad in your life this year?