If you follow us over on Instagram, you probably saw this pregnancy announcement coming a mile away based on all the awkward stomach-hiding filters we've been adding and weird half-body shots we've been posting lately. If that didn't tip you off, perhaps the fact that I'm constantly sleeping or have taken to wearing ridiculously oversized sweaters might have been a clue. I showed pretty much immediately with this, the third child in our epic line of world dominators.

Looking for a clever baby announcement when you've recently had a kid? Try this pregnancy announcement that lets your baby do it for you.

Most of you know that we've been trying for another baby for over a year now, so we are absolutely over the moon about this pregnancy announcement! Sidekick obviously isn't quite as stoked about it, having had 18 months to get pretty well immersed in his role as youngest child. Some Boy doesn't seem too stoked either. I've tried to explain the concept to him a few times (mostly when he tries to drop-kick me in the stomach, as 3-year-olds have a strange tendency to do). He just offers up a blank stare followed by total obstinance and outrage, “No baby. No baby, no!” And he thinks it is hilarious to make fun of my morning sickness. NOT cool, kid. Not cool at all. All I have to say is that this protest is all too little, too late. They'll get used to the idea and I'm hoping with such a close age gap, all three will be thick as thieves someday. Or four. We haven't ruled out a fourth kid after all this, depending on how things go.

The first trimester has had me pretty much down for the count, which is one reason our extended road trip was so well-timed. It served as an excellent distraction from how crappy I was feeling, and a good excuse to not deal with work stuff for a month. Friends who knew how hard morning sickness (or in my case, all day sickness) tends to hit me were a little nervous about the whole thing after I made a private pregnancy announcement early on to those closest to us, but we made it through unscathed and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I tend to think every gal should have a little sabbatical during that rough phase before the official pregnancy announcement is made. And having Nate as my personal chauffeur was pretty nice. If only that were feasible for everyone!

The doctor gave me some medication (Zofran?) to make things a little easier this time around but it turned me into a zombie for a full 48 hours so I'm back to waiting things out the old-fashioned way. I'm already starting to feel like I'm coming around the bend here at the end of my first trimester, with the sickness letting up and my energy starting to bounce back.

People keep asking if we're hoping for a girl after this third pregnancy announcement. Honestly, I wouldn't mind swinging things a little more into balance around here. I have a husband, two sons, two male dogs and two boy goats. When we got the hens I exclaimed, “Finally! A little more girl power around here” and then last week, in an ironic twist of fate, it turned out that two of them were sexed wrong and are actually roosters. What gives?? Anyway, we will be finding out the baby's gender this time around and will let you know when we know.