pregnancy announcement

The wedding was just three months ago, and we're happy to announce that we're already on to our next adventure! Yep, there's a proverbial bun in the oven over here. My eggo is preggo. The baby-daddy and I are ecstatic, and have already found ourselves fawning over miniature versions of everything from socks to nail clippers.

We'll be revealing all sorts of baby trivia in the coming months, but here's a quick rundown of the pregnancy facts: I'm 11 weeks pregnant and the baby is due April 29th. We're not finding out the gender since we're all for surprises, and we'll be installing a nursery in what is currently our office. We plan on leaving the computers in there (since there's really nowhere else for them to go) and using the laptop in the living room when baby's sleeping. Of course, we have plenty of time to figure out all the details.

Well, I'm off to eat some cheetos and watermelon! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or advice you can think of.