disneyland with a toddlerAt just 13 months of age, Some Boy has been to Disneyland twice now (and once to California Adventure!). People seem to think I'm silly for taking Some Boy to theme parks and zoos…especially when I'm SO exhausted all the time from being pregnant. Yes, I could seriously use a nap, but I think we both benefit from getting out of the house and stretching our legs, and I know that Some Boy is learning a ton by being exposed to all sorts of fun stuff at a young age.

disneyland innoventions dream homeI always love to scope out their indoor displays. Back when Innoventions was a thing, that was one of our go-to spots on hot days. Now we love the Tiki Room, Fowler's Inn, Aladdin's Oasis and a few other quiet spots where we unwind at naptime.

Pregnant at Disneyland

We checked out all of the attractions and rides that are open to babies and pregnant people. That does narrow the list a bit, but we had a ton of fun on Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh and all the Fantasyland rides. I'm not sure if pregnant women are technically supposed to be riding any rides at Disneyland, but I figure those tame ones are no bumpier than if I take the truck out to the country home…which I do on a weekly basis. Toontown also has a lot of fun stuff for babies to play around on and see.

innoventions dream home activitiesOh, and discovered that Disneyland lets people bring in their own food! I already knew that they allow baby food (as long as it isn't in glass jars), but I went ahead and threw a sandwich, some cookies, a couple sodas, and other random stuff that I'd been craving into Some Boy's diaper bag before heading into the park. Security inspected my bag thoroughly (as usual) but didn't complain about the food…and I saw several other families enjoying their own little picnics in the park. I asked a Disney employee about it, who said that their “official stance” is that no outside food or drinks are allowed, but exceptions are made for people with special dietary restrictions and they don't ever press the issue. Obviously I wouldn't try walking in there with a cooler full of wine, but a few snacks seem to be okay. This is a good way to save a little money when you're pregnant at Disneyland, as opposed to stopping for churros and frozen lemonade every five seconds.

disneyland characterOne last tip for parents taking the wee ones to Disneyland: don't try to get pics of the little kids with characters. However hard you try…it just doesn't end well.