The animals in our family are like…well, part of the family. We would never forget them during the holidays! It's a ton of fun to watch the cats wrestle over their latest catnip toy and see the dogs do their excited hopping-barking-shuffling when Nate holds a treat over their heads.

puppy presents

We went to Walmart last week to pick out our puppy presents for this year. It's always quite the shopping adventure, and even more so this time around since Some Boy wanted to play with all the squeaky chew toys. Also, I made the mistake of shopping while I was hungry and let me tell you, some of those dog treats looked downright delicious. They have really clever combinations now like apple and chicken, sweet potato and duck, even bacon and cheese!

milo's kitchen

I'm all about buying as natural and healthy as possible. I like that Milo's Kitchen doesn't use any preservatives or artificial stuff, and it all seems like things we would cook up at home for the dogs (if we had time to make homemade dog food, that is).

puppy presents chew toy

We also picked up some Milk-Bone® treats and Pup-Peroni, and got the dogs some fun chew toys and balls. If you ask me, that's all most animals really need: something to eat (with something to eat out of, I suppose), something to chew on, and something to fetch for entertainment. There are some seriously adorable chew toys in the dog section over at Walmart. And…some seriously strange ones. I believe this here is a headless bunny. We don't need anymore of those. The dogs bring more than enough maimed rabbits up to us from the field.

You can check out our whole shopping trip (and see how I left Some Boy in his pajamas for the entire day) over on Google+. If you plan on making a gift for your dogs this year, be sure to check your Sunday paper on December 11 for a coupon for Milk-Bone® treats!

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