green dress stain

What's wrong with this dress? Aside from the fact that it's crying out desperately for an iron, I mean…

grease stain

Yep, the grease stain. I HATE grease stains. They're practically impossible to get out. This keeps happening. After all the outfits I've ruined, you'd think I'd eventually stop cooking without an apron. And I love this dress…it's super-comfortable, matches any pair of boots (brown, black, even my impossible to incorporate grey boots), and is even stomach-friendly for my “fat days” (you know what I'm talking about…).

Frustrated, I contemplated tossing the dress. And then I had an “Aha!” moment.

grease stain solution

This pin has been in my closet for probably five years and for some reason, I've never worn it. Now it can get some use and my dress can live another day. And no one will ever know the difference (except of course, all of you guys – but you won't tell, right?).

grease stain solved

Tip: After I went to the effort of covering up the grease stain, someone sent me to this page chock full of grease-fighting tips. I haven't tried any of them (and I actually think the dress is way cuter with the new addition), but I'll definitely be using some of these tips on my next stain!