We discovered this at the commune where I was born. The resident hippie called it a “rain chain.”

Rain chain - replaces a traditional down spout from a gutter. I wonder if I could direct this thing into my rain barrel?

Apparently, it replaces a traditional down spout from a gutter. Our rain barrels have holes that match up to the size of down spouts, but I'm wondering if I could somehow direct this thing into my rain barrels? We scored a bunch of rain barrels from our county with a government rebate (along with our composter, which is still seeing a ton of use). Next on my list, I want to figure out some sort of pump system to auto-water the ground around the rain barrels with the collected water.

Tips are more than welcome if you have ideas, seriously.

Water is so precious here in San Diego county, I was honestly a little stressed out watching it splash around on the ground in Mendocino. Clearly, “drought” isn't a big fear up there!

Of course, the first thing I need to address is the complete lack of gutters on several sides of our house. We've been weirdly experiencing a torrential downpour the last couple of days, and it's making me realize how totally underprepared we are for actual weather. A huge chunk fell off of one of the eucalpytus trees and took out about ten feet of fence down by the goat corrals. Nate's super-bummed because it was his favorite tree on the property. It offers a lot of privacy to our house. On the bright side, eucalyptus makes the very best fire wood! That stuff burns for DAYS.

Thank goodness the goats weren't out roaming when it happened, or things could have gotten downright comical…can you imagine me chasing a small herd through the neighborhood? It's happened before. We've actually found that the sheep refuse to leave the goats' side, so if we pen the two goats up then the sheep are automatically (psychologically) contained as well.

Learn something new every day!