Some Boy likes Cars

Ever since he could talk, Some Boy's been all about the cars. Everyone and everything becomes a speedway to him – an obsession I attribute largely to his NASCAR-fanatic Uncle Brian. When Uncle Brian lived with us, we didn't have TV. So every time Brian wanted to have a NASCAR party it was this big ordeal figuring out where to host the game day festivities. Let me tell you, those NASCAR fans are a fun group, and I've since gotten on board with the NASCAR party fun. Things really start heating up in fall leading up to the Sprint Cup series, and I have a great time creating custom party plans.

"My NASCAR name" printable

I came up with this cute name tag for our next NASCAR party. Click on the image above to print name tags onto a sticker sheet and have guests at your own NASCAR party reveal their secret race car identity. I go by “NC Speedmendinger,” and Nate is “Nate Sebastian Jr.”