recycling organization

Throughout all the different places we've lived, our recycling system has gone through various phases of organization and disarray. In college, there was pretty much no recycling system in place. We were lucky if the trash even made it into the trash can! Later, we've had recycling systems as varied as multiple cans for different items all the way down to simply gathering our cans along the sink. This current place has a nice pantry where I started stashing all the recyclable goods in a big heap at the bottom. That got out of hand fast. I wanted a can or bin in there, but everything I came across was too wide or tall and didn't help me maximize the space.

recycling system

Rubbermaid sent over this 2-in-1 recycler that fit the bill perfectly. It's slim enough that it can fit between the shelf and the doorway. I can put cans and bottles in the top and all the paper in the bottom, while still having plenty of room to stash larger boxes behind the bin. And a bonus about being able to sort my recycling is that I can send all the general paper goods out for pickup and hold onto the cans and bottles for redemption. California is one of those states that makes us pay 5-10 cents for each can or bottle at the time of purchase, and it always nags at me to send those out with the recycling because I know it's money I'm basically throwing away. In the past I haven't had an easy way to separate them out but now it's easy to grab the bin and run them on over to the recycling center during errand time.