We're a pretty busy family, and I'm always looking for good snack foods to keep on hand. Something I can make quickly, that can serve as part of a quick meal if I'm running behind. I have the typical snack foods: granola bars, crackers, canned tuna, etc and I usually have some sort of meat thawed to just throw on the grill in a rush. But I crave healthy, fresh food and often find that my house is lacking easy refrigerator foods. Here are some of my favorite refrigerator foods that I've started keeping on hand recently:

refrigerator foods artichoke

To me, artichokes are one of the most perfect refrigerator foods. They're packed with vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, and they cook up easily for a wonderful part of any meal in about 30-45 minutes.

refrigerator foods yogurt

Cottage Cheese or Yogurt
One of these things MUST be in my refrigerator at all times. If I don't have time for a real meal, I add a little granola to some yogurt or throw some pineapple with cottage cheese for a protein-packed substitute in a hurry. Greek yogurt is also the foundation for some of my favorite sauces to spice things up, and cottage cheese is an awesome filler for lasagna.

deli meat

Sliced Deli Meat
I noticed that Nate and I were making a lot of mid-afternoon runs to the nearby sandwich shop that charges an absolute fortune. We've started saving by keeping sliced deli meat on hand at home, along with artisan bread, sprouts and condiments. We buy deli meat in bulk at Costco and cut it down at home with a deli meat slicer that we borrow from Oma and Opa. To me, a really good sandwich is the perfect meal for lunch OR dinner, paired with some tortilla chips and dip.

Pre-cut Fruit
I've always kept fruit around the house, but found that it used to just sit idly on the counter. Something about taking that extra step to wash and prepare it was a bit of a hindrance to my family and they'd resort to easier pre-packaged foods that aren't as good for them. Now I pre-wash it, cut it, and store it in containers in the refrigerator. It's always eaten within a day and never, ever goes bad.

refrigerator foods

Whip em up for breakfast, hard boil them, stick them in a sandwich or a salad. This is another easy protein that makes the perfect refrigerator food for an easy meal component with little effort and easy clean-up.


Yet another source of protein and dairy (are you seeing a trend here?). We keep string cheese, goat cheese, feta, and sandwich cheese stocked for the perfect pick-me-up or a quick meal component. If you never had an easy outdoor meal consisting entirely of deli meats, cheese and fruit (perhaps with a little wine), you're just not living.

Food Fight

I'm working with LG to promote awareness of their new Super-Capacity 3 door french door refrigerator with a unique new “Door-In-Door” feature. For those quick trips to the fridge, the Door-in-Door is a magnetically sealed section of the refrigerator that allows you to access the door bin without opening the entire refrigerator. Due to the Door-In-Door feature, less cool air escapes when the easy access compartment is opened, keeping cold air in the rest of the fridge, where it matters most. Whether it's a refreshing drink, condiments or a healthy snack, the Door-in-Door is the ideal space for quick access to your family's go-to foods such as canned or bottled drinks, salad dressings and condiments. Learn More Here.

Go participate and vote for your go-to refrigerator food! The four foods competing in LG's Food Fight are yogurt, juicebox, mustard and diet soda. I think we all know which one I would pick…what's your favorite?

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