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relaxation room

There is a room in my house that I call my “relaxation room.” No, it's not the bathroom. Geez. I can't take you people anywhere. It's my guest room. You may recognize it as the old nursery. We yanked the crib out of here a couple months back when uncle Brian moved out, swapping the guest bed in and leaving me with an entire craft room all to myself. We'll get to that whole transformation and switcheroo in another post.

books in old cabinet

My relaxation room is primarily used for guests. I wanted it to have a casual worldly feel to it, like a nice hotel room where the sheets feel fresh and the decor feels upscale but familiar. It has a sweet old book case where I stash journals and bibles and Calvin & Hobbes.

bathrobe for guests

There are comfortable bathrobes and cozy blankets, perfect for cuddling up in by the fire on a cold night.

chair for guests

Guests can kick back in a chair and stare off into nothingness for awhile. That's what I usually do when I come in here. Clear my head.

bamboo blinds

The blinds were here when we bought the place, and I love them. Dark bamboo adds an island feel to an otherwise rather uninhabited-seeming space.

renuzit scent cones

I wanted to include some air freshener to make the room smell nice, because that's always one of my favorite things about visiting somewhere or borrowing someone else's things. One of the first comments people make in unfamiliar territory is always something like, “Wow, this car smells like…new car” or “This chai tea smells like holidays at grandma's house.” I believe you can totally redecorate with a scent, and I want to invoke those sort of vivid memories in people's minds.

renuzit scent cone

I landed on Renuzit cones because they're inexpensive and they had a scent that totally matched the feel of my room – plus they're available at convenient spots like Kroger and Target. This Hawaiian Oasis scent from their “Exotic Escapes” collection fit the bill perfectly.

renuzit scent cone

Best of all, they're easy to use. Just snap off the bottom plastic part and twist. The smell emanates from a hole in the top of the canister. No plugging in or spraying or swapping out cartridges.


For those guests who miss the gentle global tones (and scent!) throughout the decor of my relaxation room, I boldly stuck a globe in the corner. I may even go all old-school and tack a map to the wall where we can invite visitors to pin where they're from. Is that too thematic? I don't really care.

Sweet decor idea: a casual "worldly" room #shop

How do you instill a certain “feeling” when you redecorate a room? Visit Renuzit's Facebook page for more ideas, and to check out the cute #ChooseThemAll¬†“Scent Gents” who embody the spirit of every scent!