We needed to replace windshield wipers on our trusty family car, so we worked with SocialStars and Walmart through their #WalmartAuto program to install Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades.

replace windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

One of my automotive neurotic pet peeves is a window with spots or dust on it. It just gets under my skin. It's visually annoying and frankly, depending on the circumstances, can be quite unsafe.

There you are, rounding the corner of a hill, spots and streaks or what have you layin about on your window, and suddenly…BAM! The sun pummels your glass with photons it seemed to have shot just for you from 93,000,000 miles away (what's even more amazing is that it had to aim eight minutes ahead of you because…you know…light takes that long to hit earth from the sun). And there you are. Hurtling at some 55mph on the edge of a hill near an unprotected cliff with motorcycles and semi trucks zipping and heaving your way.

All the while your windshield has been transformed into a plasma screen of bright blurry light. In the past, when I was a poor college student, I would just drive with my head out the window like some totally cool guy until I could get to the nearest gas station. I became a connoisseur of the quick stop and self service window squeegee. I actually knew, and still do, the top five gas stations with decent window cleaning stations, as well as the ones I wouldn't go to.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers in Just a Couple Snaps

RAIN-X expert fit windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

Fortunately, there is a better fix to such a dilemma. Rain-X has a nice lineup of diverse windshield wiper blades available for almost any situation (except for lava).

RAIN-X #WalmartAuto

I pick some up about two times a year (for truck and car) while shopping for something I need at Walmart (along with, perhaps, some other stuff I buy and hide in my office tool area and never tell Chelsea about). Walmart Auto makes automotive supplies easy and they have plenty of options. You wouldn't think windshield wipers would be that complex. “It's just rubber on a stick,” you might think while waiting in your dry commute on the the way to work. But on the wet days…you see the difference.

things that can damage windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

In California, especially now, those wet days are few and far between. That's why its extra important to consider which wipers can stand the test of time…and pollen. And dust. And sun. In my experience, the two greatest enemies of wiper blades seem to be pollen and heat. Both collect and remain unwashed on the blade until you suddenly need them. Dry crusty plastic wipers grind and bounce ineffectively over your windshield. That's why Rain-X developed long-lasting and heat resisting blades. Just use the window sprayer from time to time to clear off the pollen and keep the blades clear of debris.

Our family car in the country

Our little Elantra doesn't see TOO much off-road action or crazy weather, so we opted for the easy-to-install Rain-X Expert Fit Wiper Blades that fit over 95% of vehicles with 11-28″ coverage. They come in all wiper blade styles including rear, conventional, beam (curved to reduce wind lift) and hybrid (which are specifically designed to prevent clogging in ice and snow). For our truck, we're opting for Rain-X Latitude Premium Beam Blades. They were rated the best performing blade after 6 mos by a leading consumer products magazine, with enhanced durability and graphite-coated blades for high performance in climates with ice and snow.

It's extremely easy to replace windshield wipers…

replace windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

…and you can have some type of satisfaction knowing that there's yet another thing you can do yourself.

How to replace windshield wipers #WalmartAuto

They just snap right into place (check the detailed instructions to replace windshield wipers for details on your specific type of wiper arm, but it's usually pretty basic).

how we simulate rain here in Southern California
For those of you who may be wondering, this is how we simulate rain in Southern California during a drought when it's time to test and replace windshield wipers. But when the rain does decide to make a sudden appearance, it POURS!

So whether you're in a rain soaked climate and use them daily or in a dry and dusty one and need them to work that one or two crucial times, you can rest easy knowing how to replace windshield wipers with a reliable, durable option.