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When I was a kid, one of my favorite toys was the Tamagotchi, a handheld digital pet that everyone carried around in their pockets. It started as this little electronic egg on the screen and later evolved to be some sort of dog-like creature. My friends and I were obsessed with this thing. We'd electronically feed it, play ball with it, put it down for naps. But the Tamagotchis required constant care. If we forgot to give it water or attention for too long (heaven forbid we get distracted with something non-electronic for more than a day!) we'd turn it back on and find that our little electronic pet had died. Seriously. There was a tiny little gravestone with some chiding message about how we were bad owners. Talk about a lot of pressure for a 10-year-old.

Cube Dog is kind of like that, except without the guilt trip and neediness.

Cube Dog

The Cube Dog app lets you create a dog out of cubes. You can customize it to be any size and color you want, with different eyes, nose and other features.

Cube Dog actions

You can control what actions Cube Dog does. He can sit, play with an iPhone, fetch and more. Best of all, if you leave him idle for too long, he just falls asleep! That's MY kind of pet. Low maintenance.

Cube Dog photo

My favorite part about Cube Dog is the ability to take pictures of him. You hit a button on the screen that makes your surroundings appear like when the iPhone is in camera mode, then you tell Cube Dog which action to take and snap a picture. You can also rotate and zoom to get any view of Cube Dog. Here he is hanging out with Some Boy. They're buds.


If you're looking for an app to keep your kids occupied for a long time (like on a summer road trip, perhaps), this is the one. And it's free! Check out Cube Dog on Facebook. They're hosting a cool contest from June 13 to June 17.

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