ROMO robot

We adopted a robot. His name is ROMO. At least, that's what it said on the box. I'm not creative enough to come up with anything different, so it stuck.

ROMO docks to your iPhone and acts out commands based on how you program him. Honestly, I got him for the sole purpose of party entertainment. I thought it would be really fun to program him to make funny faces and then snap a picture anytime someone picked him up or interacted with him. Imagine how awesome it would be to flip through all the surprised looks on your guests' faces! It's like a photobooth on wheels.

Turns out, though, ROMO has an agenda. When he arrived, I discovered that in order to program him, he puts you through an intensive training program to unlock all of his capabilities so he can win the Robot Space Race.

Touché, little robot, putting me through my paces.

Through this weird maze of tasks powered by the ROMO iPhone app I got oddly addicted to the thing and have spent HOURS teaching and learning from ROMO. So far, I can make him display text, wheel all over the place, recognize colors and perform activities based on my picking him up or poking him in the eye. Why would I want to do all this? What purpose does it serve? None whatsoever. But ROMO has been quite the conversation piece with everyone who's come over in the last couple weeks and I've decided he's a keeper. I'm a mom of two boys, so I may as well get used to odd tech gadgets invading my house. I hear Amazon is going to be sending flying drones to deliver our packages soon, so I'm ahead of the curve.

ROMO robot

ROMO would make an awesome gift for kids ages 8 and up (or, ya know, a REALLY smart 3-year-old). The geeky tech-lover in your life will probably flip over this. Or amateur event organizers like myself who are simply looking to amuse their friends. Whatever. At just $149, you can get a whole ROMO army and decide for yourself. They're sold online and at Brookstone. Merry Christmas, kiddies!