Taking care of tires on the truck

There's no mistaking the fact that I love me some BF Goodrich Tires. I always have. I just have a thing for reliability and quality. Over the years, I've learned the difference between a tire you hope will grip the road and a tire you know will grip the road…in some very heart pounding situations.

Oh, to be young and dumb.

Taking care of tires

If you follow our adventures on social media and the blog, you know I love my truck. That's why I have sponsors who help outfit it with the best. On the truck, we have a well-maintained set of BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2s with Discount Tire's MB 352 wheels. I can even have them rotated and inspected (as well as nail holes fixed) for free at my Discount Tire. I also have my own tire guy, Randy, who I love to take my vehicles to at Discount Tire.

My commuter car

As much as I love to overland travel, it's honestly not where I put all my miles. I recently used Chelsea's car to make a trip out to Arizona for a bachelor party. It's the fuel economy car and if there isn't any off-road traveling to do or major payload to carry, I take the Elantra. Before I left, however, I dropped by a Discount Tire to have the tire pressures checked and set (no on-board air compressor in this little beauty). The tire specialist pointed out I had been neglecting my tires, as they were completely bald.

Totally worn tires

I was fine making the trip to Arizona by myself but something struck me. It wasn't safe and I wouldn't want Chelsea driving on these tires. And, on top of that, she uses this car on a daily basis to drive the boys around (including the boy/girl she's baking up for me right now). As much as I love my truck, I love the occupants of this car more. That actually makes this the most important car in our family. Something had to be done.

New shipment of tires

So – as they said in the 40's – I got on the horn with BF Goodrich and ordered a set of their best tires for Chelsea's car. A set of g-Force COMP-2 A/S'. These are aggressive. These are mean. These tires are meant to keep my family on the road like a spider on the ceiling. They come with a 45,000 mile/6-year warranty to boot. Oh and by the way, “A/S” stands for All Season…which means these are perfect for San Diego's weird El Niño weather and sporadic rains.

New wheels

Another thing I wanted to do was get Chelsea something special. NO, not flowers! Wheels. For someone so special, I wanted to get her something as aggressive and pretty as her tires. Enter Discount Tire's in-house line, the MB Lovan. A fun fact for all you internet shoppers; you can order everything from Discount Tire online. All I had to do was wait for my shipment.

Randy, our tire guy (and friend)

Now off to see Randy, my tire expert.

The kids changing their own tires

The boys love to visit Randy and the tire shop and even brought their own cars to do their own “tire” changes (bottle caps are spares).

Tire parts

Once my tire was off, I got to see just how badly the tire was worn. From my own experience, I know if Chelsea had hit just an 1/8″ of standing water wrong she could have hydroplaned off the road. The boys are always fascinated with the mounting and balancing process. Honestly, so am I. Even the tire pressure sensors are changed out and reprogrammed to ensure road safety.

What a tire check looks like - keeping the commuter car maintained.

There's something so satisfying about a new tire. I mean, it's like new shoes for a hiker…without the blisters. And BF Goodrich makes some nice car shoes.

Older Hyundai Elantra

Now that the work is all done, all Chelsea has to worry about is not running out of gas. And, I don't have to worry about Chelsea or the boys on the road. Some quick testing in the hills of San Diego proved the g-Force tires to be pretty commanding on the pavement. That's why BF Goodrich is the best rubber for the road.