typical school lunch

A Typical School Lunch

When I was a kid, we had the worst food in schools. It seems like every day was some combination of carbs and cheese: pizza, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese. The kids loved it, of course, but everyone's paying for it now. The United States has the highest rate of obesity in the world, with obesity rates nearly tripling in the last 50 years. Yikes. Sadly, in the elementary schools I've taught in, nothing seems to have changed. The food is still pretty cringe-worthy. My family was always relatively health-conscious, and I remember being so excited when I got into high school and my parents finally let me get school meals regularly because they had salad bars in schools for older kids in our district. It consisted of the most basic choices: iceberg lettuce, cheese (of course), dressing, croutons and a few vegetable toppings, but it was awesome to have at least one semi-healthy choice available and be able to eat in the cafeteria with everyone else once in a while.

salad bars in schools

Help Whole Foods Get Salad Bars in Schools

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 9 is “Eat Your Greens to Give Some Green” day! Whole Foods Market will donate $1 for every pound of food purchased at its salad and hot food bars throughout Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona & Las Vegas to help put salad bars in local schools through the Whole Kids Foundation. Whole Foods is helping get salad bars in schools through their Salad Bars to Schools initiative, which is supported by First Lady Michelle Obama’s larger “Let’s Move!” effort to end childhood obesity. I'm so glad that something is being done to address the obesity epidemic in our nation. While I think a lot of it comes down to parenting, I can personally remember being frustrated over the lack of options available in schools and feeling like I had no healthy options on the occasions when my parents were too busy to pack a lunch for us.

So tomorrow will be salad day for my family! If you're in the San Diego area, be sure to go by Whole Foods (there's one in Hillcrest and one in La Jolla) to pick up a healthy lunch and help get salad bars in schools.

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods. All opinions are my own.