“I want a San Diego home. This is where I'm going to live someday.” I was 12, my sister was 6, and we were crossing the street in the Gaslamp District. I'd always known that I wanted to end up in California, and I fell instantly in love with San Diego just hours after our plane touched ground on a layover with my mom. I loved the friendly people, the beach and the bustle of activity everywhere. The diversity of culture and land.

california hills san diego home

I stuck to my plan and found a boy at college who grew up in a San Diego home himself. He told me about his favorite cliffside hangouts and how he'd go from the beach to the snow to the desert all in one day.

san diego home

His family lived in north county San Diego. As soon as we had a family of our own, we were drawn to the big open spaces. I always hear people from other states asking about the traffic and the California smog. I'll admit, it makes me laugh a little when I see our starry country sky.

california dog

We have room for dogs. Big dogs.

california chickens

I'm proud to see our children growing up with a wholesome world view. We get our hands dirty. We play in the mud.

california blossoms

The smell of orange blossoms fills the kitchen as I cook meals from scratch. It's the best of both worlds, here in our San Diego home in the urban corners of the county. Sprawling space and family values mingle in our lives with fun events and awesome vistas.


Some of those famed California stereotypes do apply! People-watching here is an amazing event, with beach bums and biker gangs, fashionistas and celebrities. That's one of the best things about our San Diego home: SoCal is our backyard. Everything is so spread out here, and yet so close. We practically live in our cars, and it's not uncommon to spend a weekend adventuring around everywhere from the starstruck hills of Hollywood to Laguna Beach, the big buildings of Irvine and the upscale resort life in La Jolla.


Oh yeah, and Disneyland's a quick day trip away from our San Diego home, too.

What are you favorite things about living in your city?