san diego zoo safari park

One of the very first places Nate took me in San Diego was the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (back then, I believe it was known as the Wild Animal Park). I have to say that while it's a close competition, I think that I like this place even better than the San Diego Zoo.

san diego zoo safari park lorikeets

I love the hands-on nature of so many of the exhibits and the up-close and personal presentations. My favorite exhibit by far is the lorikeets, where you can get little cups of nectar that draw the lorikeets to land RIGHT on your hands and arms! The San Diego Zoo Safari Park also has a ton of fun adventures available to guests, along with animal encounters and presentations.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Summer Safari

san diego zoo summer safari park

san diego zoo safari park drum circle

This summer, the safari park is filled with culture as African dancers, acrobats and musicians have come along to show families a good time. They have fun activities like face painting, jewelry making, and even a drum circle that the kids were ALL over.

san diego zoo safari park performance

san diego zoo safari park performer

My favorite part of the Summer Safari feature were the shows, with pole-climbing acrobats, dancers and performers. THIS girl is sitting on her own head. I kid you not. How do people get that flexible? My guess is that she's missing some joints or something. Pretty crazy.

san diego zoo safari park small animals

san diego zoo safari park giraffe

We took Some Boy on the tram this time, which we've never gotten to do before. I loved that it offered a cool respite in the middle of the day (Escondido gets HOT!) and it gets visitors up close to see a ton of fascinating animals in their vast habitat. Fun fact: did you know that rhinos use mud as sunscreen? That's why they wallow around in the muck all day. Otherwise, they'd get sunburned! And flamingos get their pink color from their food. The pinkest flamingos score the best mates because their brighter color shows that they're able to access more food, which means that they're tougher than the rest. Even our feathered friends are impressed by braun and brute strength, it seems.