Santa Hat cake pops

I've been a long-time admirer of fellow blogger Bakerella, who's quickly become famous for her cake pops. Her signature dessert is essentially a decorated ball of cake on a stick, but for some reason it's intimidated me for well over a year. They're just so darn cute and edible! I've whipped up some tasty desserts in my time, but certainly nothing this cute. After winning the Cake Pops book at a Lifetime movie event the other day, I decided to finally try my hand at the cake craze that's been sweeping the nation. So here's a close look at…drumroll please…my very first attempt at Santa hat cake pops.

Please check out full instructions for making Santa Hat Cake Pops over on Bakerella. I'm not trying to offer an instruction guide with my photos below – merely hoping to inspire others to finally try the cake pop fad. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought!

My Santa Hat Cake Pop Rundown

Boxed cake, any flavor
Canned frosting, any flavor
Red candy melts (available at Michael's)
White candy melts (available at Michael's)
York bites
Cake pops also technically call for popsicle sticks…but I didn't have any

I baked the cake according to the box and crumbled half of it into a bowl, setting aside the other half for later. Using the entire cake apparently makes 48 cake pops which was just a little too overwhelming for my first try.

Santa Hat cake pops cake crumble

Then, I mixed about 1/3 of the container of frosting directly into the crumbled cake.

Santa Hat cake pops frosting

I shaped the mixture into cones about 2 inches tall…it made about 20 cones. After melting the white candy melt pieces according to the instructions, I dipped the bottom of each of the cones into the candy melt.

Santa Hat cake pops cones

The real instructions call for a popsicle stick to be stuck into the bottom of the Santa hat. I didn't have popsicle sticks so I simply scraped off some of the excess candy coating on the bottom with a spoon and set each one down to dry on a wax-covered baking sheet.

cake pop cones

After letting them dry for a few minutes, I dipped the other end of the Santa hats into the red frosting so that the white and red frosting met.

cake pops red candy melt

Before the red frosting could dry, I quickly stuck a white York Bite on top.

cake pops candy york bites

Naturally, I felt inclined to show off my Santa hat cake pops in my awesome cake display. Tada!

Santa Hat cake pops

I think my next project will be some snowmen cake pops. Or spritz cookies. Or…both.