christmas day

All these presents all over the place, and what does Some Boy decide to play with? The broom. Naturally.

We had a nice, quiet Christmas at the new house…just the boys and I. Nate had to work but had time to open the presents with us really quick, and then got to come home to a real holiday meal. I cooked up half a ham for the two of us, a bunch of Hawaiian rolls, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. The pie is really just a vessel for whipped cream.

I've been crafting up a storm (check out these discounted rubber stamps I've been using for handmade party invites…more on that later) and sewing some stockings for us for next year. I just couldn't quite get it done in time for this season, what with the baby taking up most of my spare minutes. Next up, I plan to paint the living room, our bedroom and the fireplace (I want to do an accent color so it doesn't just blend into the rest of the wall like you can see in the above picture). But for now, I'm taking it easy and indulging in a little Downton Abbey with some hot chocolate by the fire. I pushed myself a little too hard after Some Boy was born and tried to take on too much too quickly, extending my recovery period longer than necessary and generally just making life unpleasant for all of us. It's important to know when to say “No” and when to ask for help. I have my hands full.

I'm excited for the new year! I'm helping my sister start a blog, and our birthday is in January. We share the same birthday six years apart, and always make a point to do something special together for the occasion.

What are your plans for the new year?

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