squirmy baby

Our Squirmy Baby

Nate and I do quite a bit of traveling with Some Boy. He's been on several road trips to places like Northern California, Los Angeles, Portland, Palm Springs and more. Next week, we're taking our very first plane trip all the way across the country to Boston! We try to use cloth diapers as often as we can at home and on the road, but I'm definitely using disposables for our upcoming trip. There's no way I'm packing all that extra bulk. Plus, Some Boy's becoming SUCH a squirmy baby, it's hard to get him to sit still for diaper changes at home, let alone on the distraction-filled road. He is constantly on the move!

squirmy baby on the move
Check out the gnarly path of destruction I leave in my wake.
squirmy baby diaper change
You think I'll sit still for a diaper change? That. Is. HYSTERICAL.

Squirmy Baby Changing Time

This past week, we've been trying out Huggies new Slip-On diapers and they are an absolute lifesaver. We're totally relying on these things for our Boston trip.

Huggie Slip-On DIaper

They have closed, expandable sides so you just slip them right onto the baby without having to open them up and fumble with tabs – and they fit perfectly. The sides do open when you want to take the diaper off, so there's no need to worry about trying to coax a messy diaper over your baby's feet (ew). These are perfect for those times at the beach or park when he's running around and refuses to sit still. I can easily swoop off that old diaper, lift him up and plop my squirmy baby into a new diaper in no time.

squirmy baby changing table

So Some Boy can be a squirmy baby and pull as many diaper-changing shenanigans on the road as he wants. We're totally prepared.