I am so blessed to live in San Diego. I say this at least once weekly and I feel like it comes off as if us living here was some sort of accident. It wasn't. I've been determined to live in San Diego since I visited when I was 12 years old and fell in love with everything about this place: the laid back atmosphere along the bay, bustling industry in the city, seaside wellness in small towns along the ocean and the rolling hillsides of the outskirts. While we live more inland in the rural area (or “the boonies,” as my friends and I fondly call it), we take mini excursions to the shore as often as possible.

baby in hotel room

Seaside Wellness with the Family

Last weekend, the coastal village of Del Mar hosted us at Hotel Indigo for a weekend of seaside wellness. With rooms including free WiFi plus a microwave and refrigerator, the hotel is good for families looking to snag a little beachside vacation on a budget, or a group of girlfriends wanting to kick back by the pool with some cocktails.


Del Mar hotel room balcony

After the boys finished ogling the ocean view from our balcony deck, we meandered on down for a beachside stroll.

seaside wellness in Del Mar

You'll get a gorgeous shoreside view from any spot in Del Mar, but the path down to the beach itself can be a little rocky if you approach it by walking directly down from the hotel. I recommend you head up the coast to PowerHouse Park (a spot that Nate and I seriously considered for our wedding) and stroll from there up to Dog Beach and watch for dolphins playing in the surf.

Del Mar hiking

If you want to spot some truly unique seaside wellness sights, hike the majestic rock formations at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve or drive a bit up the coast to the San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center. We took a tour there and found that many of their trails are stroller-friendly, and they even have an educational center where you can get up-close and personal to learn about ecological concepts such as composting and San Diego native wildlife.

Del Mar ocean view

Other seaside wellness activities include water sports, golfing, yoga, a trip to the spa (yes please!), world-class cuisine and unique cultural sights as well as horseback riding and hot air ballooning.


Whatever you choose to do, make a point to talk to the locals. They are some of the most interesting people I've met. The first time I went to Del Mar, a famous magician asked me to be his assistant. True story. And one of my favorite sites in the area is the Elliptigos that are often spotted scooting up and down the main stretch. Invented in San Diego, these have started taking off throughout the nation and will likely be sported by fitness fanatics everywhere in due time.

Where is YOUR next seaside wellness adventure?